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Even Hours Before Your Trip, Purchase Online Travel Insurance

Travelling can bring the most memorable experiences in your life. It can help you realise your inner self and find better ways to manage the challenges you encounter at different stages in your life.

However, whether you are on a trip to a different city or country for any reason, securing it with a travel insurance policy is essential. A travel insurance plan offers financial protection in the event of an unexpected scenario during your travel. It covers a range of benefits, such as baggage insurance, medical coverage, journey covers, etc.

If you are yet to purchase travel insurance, it is never too late, even a few hours before a trip, as it can be done online conveniently in less time. And here is why it is considerable and vital!

 Why Should You Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance Even Hours Before Your Trip?

  1. Simple and hassle-free process – Getting travelling insurance is simple and hassle-free. Insurance providers such as Tata AIG offer seamless processes for travel insurance online that can help you determine a suitable policy and purchase it in simple steps. The user-friendly online platform is self-explanatory and only takes up a little of your time.
  2. Mandatory in certain countries – Some countries, such as the UAE, Schengen countries, etc., have made it mandatory for people travelling to their county to have a travel insurance plan. Therefore, knowing the destination country’s regulatory provisions is essential before travelling. And if you still need to do it, you can always do it even a few hours before the trip.
  3. Convenience – It is convenient to buy travel insurance online as you require only a smart device and good internet connectivity. You can purchase it whenever you are comfortable before the trip. Therefore, you can purchase it on your way to the airport, for instance, when travelling to a different city for a business meeting.
  4. Access the options – When you purchase travelling insurance online, you can access the different options, compare the features and choose a suitable policy, as the details are well-detailed online. The customisable features and their benefits are detailed to help you make a well-informed decision.
  5. Affordable-Travel insurance plans are affordable, considering the benefits provided for the entire duration of the trip. Therefore, when you have planned for a trip and are all set to start, you may not have to arrange for finances to purchase a travel insurance policy. It is affordable and can be purchased just before your trip. In addition, some insurers do provide discounts for purchasing travel policies online.
  6. Multiple digital payment methods – Insurance providers offer different digital payment methods for purchasing online travel insurance, such as using your net banking account, debit card, etc. Therefore, you can choose from the different options and decide on a convenient payment method to complete the process.
  7. 24/7 customer support – When you purchase travel insurance online, you might find issues related to proceeding with the steps or choosing a suitable policy. For example, you might require clarifications related to the policy inclusions and exclusions. In such scenarios, you can contact the customer care team anytime and discuss your concerns.
  8. Peace of mind – If you have purchased a travel insurance policy at any time before the trip, it helps you travel with peace of mind. For example, suppose you are susceptible to any illness due to a change in the weather. In that case, the medical cover can provide the necessary financial coverage for medical expenses related to the treatment or hospitalisation, if required, when you travel to a different location.


Travelling can enrich your journey of life. However, travelling is subject to uncertainties that can increase your financial burden. A travel insurance policy can provide the required financial coverage in such scenarios to manage financial inconsistencies. And if you have not purchased the travel insurance plan until you start the journey, you can always buy travel insurance online in India, even a few hours before the trip.

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